Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course

Knysna Tefl is a division of the well-known and reputable Knysna English School and Teach English Overseas divisions which have placed TEFL teachers worldwide …

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Other TEFL Courses

Other TEFL Courses   The following 2 courses are two more courses that we offer if you want to teach …

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“This is undoubtedly the most hands-on course that equips you as TEFL teacher superbly for online teaching”

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Knysna TEFL is a division of the well-known and reputable Knysna English School and Teach English Overseas divisions which have placed TEFL teachers worldwide and have assisted hundreds of others in teaching Online.


Students who do our Online Course do our Online Theory Modules and get the opportunity to participate in our 12 x 1-hour live training Online Teaching sessions together with 5 x 1-hour Online Technical Training Sessions with our facilitators. This is done from the comfort of your home. We have both day and evening slots as some of our students are working full-time.

You get the opportunity to become familiar with Online teaching platforms and how to give a lesson via online teaching. During the course, you also get a chance to teach some of our students Online to gain more real-life experience.


COURSE DETAILS – 120-Hour course for Teaching TEFL Online.

This course is meant for TEFL teachers intending to teach English as a Foreign language Online and who want to be competent and successful. 


This course was specifically designed as a distance learning course taken over 1 to 4 months (Depending on your work schedule).


You attend online technical sessions with our facilitators to teach you all the technical and computer aspects of online teaching. You will learn about speed tests, jitter, ping, screen share, conversion of files and many more.


It is a 120-hour TEFL course specialising in teaching students TEFL methodology and online techniques and platforms (online teaching programs).


This course is the most hands-on practical course available, equipping you as a TEFL teacher for online teaching.


We guide you to what you can expect when applying for a job and help you with your introduction video and online CV.


We do a mock interview with you and assist you with an introduction video, both video-introduction and e-introduction.


More than 90% of our Online TEFL teachers doing this course start teaching within 1 to 3 months after completing our course.


Type of Course: – Distance Learning Course from the comfort of your home.

Length of course: 120 hours over 1 to 4 months.

Contact us at [email protected].

Whatsapp or call us on

+27 72 075 2945 (Michiel)


072 611 7033 (Suzette) if you want more information.

Landline: (044) 382 3395



Only Online TEFL Course in the world where you get Online interaction and classes with facilitators from the comfort of your home.

Only Online TEFL course in the world where you get the opportunity to teach real foreign students as part of your training.

Only Online TEFL Course in the world where you have a final session with the course director to guide you further.

Only Online TEFL Course in the world where you attend Online training sessions about relevant technical aspects from the comfort of your home which will ensure that you are a successful Online teacher.  

Only Online TEFL Course in the world where you get assistance with job applications and introduction videos.

The most successful Online TEFL Course in the world.


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Course Content

SECTION 1 – General Information

SECTION 2 – Goals of the Course

SECTION 3 – Hardware

SECTION 4 – Software

SECTION 5 – 1-Hour Online Practical Session

SECTION 6 – Zoom Teaching Platform & Obtain Computer Specifications

SECTION 7 – General Concepts and TEFL Methodology

SECTION 8 – Teaching Methods for TEFL Teachers

SECTION 9 – Learning Styles

SECTION 10 – Whole Brain Teaching

SECTION 11 – Multiple Intelligences

SECTION 12 – Lesson Planning – PPP

SECTION 12(b) – 1-Hour Online Practical Session

Section 13 – Educational Psychology – Lev Vygotsky

SECTION 13 (a) – 7 Stage Lesson Planning

SECTION 13 (b) – 7 Stage Lesson Planning

SECTION 14 – Presenting vocabulary and concept checking

Section 15 – Total Physical Response

Section 15 (a) – Example of Online Teaching

Section 16 – Error correction

Section 17 – Listening skills

Section 18 – Reading skills

Section 18 (a) – Educational psychology – Erik Erikson

Section 19 – Motivating learners

Section 20 – My own Online Lesson

Section 21 – 1-Hour Online Practical Session

Section 22 – Educational psychology – Piaget

Section 23 – Educational psychology – James Marcia

Section 24 – Teaching different levels

Section 25 (a) – Speaking Skills

Section 25 (b) – English for special purposes

Section 26 – Assessing your learners

Section 27 – Teaching exam classes

Section 28 (a) – Choosing resources – Young Learners

Section 28 (b) – Teaching Grammar

Section 29 (a) – Feedback Video

Section 29 (b) – Professional development and finding a job

Section 30 – Contracts, remuneration and bank accounts


We have trained face-to-face students as well as Online Students over the past 6 years who are teaching all over the world as well as Online.